Gravity Workflow Automation

Cisco Release, March 2021

Cisco has approved the release of modifications and additions to Gravity that have been developed at Cisco since 2016.

Several developers have been involved with continued development of Gravity at Cisco, and so this codebase has been influenced beyond the original core developers. Our thanks to Cisco and all the people involved.

The following is a summary list of the new features and modifications.

  • Reimplemted data storage to use MongoDB rather than JackRabbit JCR.
  • Moved to RabbitMQ and away from HornetQ for Java Messaging Service.
  • Used Swagger to document and interact with APIs.
  • Referential Capabilities between Cards, so queries can be more like SQL.
  • Data Transformations such as Pivots for visualizations.
  • New Integration subsystem to import data from other sources on schedule.
  • Improved user permissions to become more granular.
  • Validation of incoming data based on reference data.
  • Application API that allows UI to build dynamic web applications at runtime.
  • Significant improvement in unit test coverage.